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Commercium is an agency that provides consulting services in the field of cross-border traffic of goods and services (import and export).
Our team of associates consists of over thirty top experts and provides safety in business operations to our clients.
If customers follow our advice, they will not commit a misdemeanor out of ignorance, have custom clearance delays, or have unnecessary import and export expanses, payment or debt collection from abroad.
We offer to customers a possibility to conclude an annual contract with our agency by which they become entitled to free answers to unlimited number of questions during the contract period, free participation in conferences for one participant, free advertising on our website, 20% discount on selling price for our printed editions, 20% discount on contract price for in house education and studies preparation.

Web site

Visitors of our website have free access to all texts related to regulations and application of regulations regarding the cross-border traffic of goods and services.
Our website contains a database of import charges, advance licenses, approvals and certificates that need to be obtained prior to goods import, and other import border control processes.
The database is designed in accordance to Customs Tariff Nomenclature and it is regularly updated. The access to information is free. If a visitor of our website knows the tariff code for goods to be imported, he can quickly access all the above mentioned data completely free of charge.
Decisions on goods classification according to Customs Tariff Nomenclature are also available on our site. The application of these decisions is mandatory. They provide safety to exporters and importers of goods, who, if they abide by decisions, cannot make mistakes in the process of classification and who will have an exact sub-heading number of their classified goods, and by that, all the exact information on charges, advance licenses, approvals, certificates and obligatory border controls.
Our team of associates provides help to clients during the process of classification of products according to Customs Tariff Nomenclature.
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